Multiple Cropped Images (MCI), a WordPress plugin that allows uploading images and cropping them. This greatly simplifies the handling of images and eliminates the scenario of external editing of images. And that’s the crucial point when we decided to make this plugin.

What it does

With the Multiple Cropped Image Plugin, the images from the website can be cropped to the desired size in a short span of time.

Using drag & drop function, the images can be arranged in any order, which is very helpful, for example, a quick editing of a slideshow. In order to keep overview, there are Title and Text functions for each image. If required, we can show these options on frontend.

How it works

For Multiple Cropped Images the Cropper.Js library has been included which is the main component of this plugin.

For the better understanding, you can try a small demo of the plugin.



Images can be uploaded and cropped individually.


Images can be cut from the original at any time.

Predefined Sizes

Predefined sizes can be created for every Custom Post Type.

Drag & Drop sorting

With Drag & Drop images can be sorted in any possible order.


With shortcodes, images can be inserted into any type of post.

Search engine

Alt and Title Tags can be set individually for SEO purposes.